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Training Reinforcement

From our many years of experience in the field of performance improvement, we know that in order for training to have a long-term pay off, reinforcement of skills must occur shortly after any training. Utilizing reinforcement tools can help insure that your staff will put their new skills to use on the job immediately.

Global Learning Link offers a variety of reinforcement methods and tools, such as:
    A process for Managers/Supervisors to follow in preparing their staff
       members for training and in following up once the training is completed
    Podcasts done in "talk radio" style clips to reinforce skills
       taught in the classroom.
    Pocket-sized skill checklists for use by Managers/Supervisors as they
       observe their people on the job
    Training for Managers/Supervisors on how to coach and give tailored
       feedback to their staff members who have attended training
    Laminated wallet-sized skill reminder cards for participants
    Skill reinforcement on CD or DVD
    One-on-one observation and coaching of participants by Global
       Learning Link
    Online knowledge quizzes coupled with incentive programs
We believe that improving job performance occurs as a result of a process that includes reinforcement, feedback, and follow up, not just a single training event done in isolation from other performance-impacting factors. That is why we offer reinforcement as part of every training program we design and conduct.

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