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Negotiate Like the BIG GUYS
How Small and Mid-Size Companies Can Balance
the Power in Dealing With Corporate Giants
by Susan Onaitis

Book Cover
Paperback: 306 pages.
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches.
Publisher: Silver Lake.
ISBN: 156343167X
As the information age has changed the way that companies do business, one critical theme has emerged: Small companies and sometimes even individuals have to deal with big companies more often and more directly than ever.

How can a company with one or two principals come to the negotiating table on an even footing with a staff of lawyers, accountants and executives?

Combining her own insights with memorable case studies, worksheets and sample forms, Susan Onaitis give readers the tools for equalizing any advantages that large companies may have or may think they have. If you are a consultant, small business owner or sales person dealing with big corporations, this book will be an invaluable resource.

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This book can be bought on-line at Amazon.com
It can also be found/ordered at your local bookstore.

The Essential Guide to Training Global Audiences

The Essential Guide to Training Global Audiences
Susan Onaitis is a contributing author to this book that offers a much-needed guide for anyone who must design and deliver excellent learning experiences for people from a culture other than their own. The book is filled with proven guidelines for multicultural training, solid techniques for training international adults learners, and advice for the preparation of culturally sensitive presentations.

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Secrets of Effective Negotiating Secrets of Effective Negotiating

This compact 20-page booklet provides an easy guide to navigating what many see as a complicated process. It is designed to simplify negotiating and to help you become a better negotiator. Using the worksheets provided in it, you can work through a real negotiation in which you might currently be involved. Topics include common negotiating terms, tactics, counteracting strategies, phases of planning, steps in bargaining, and a special section devoted to sales negotiating tips. For information about our volume discount pricing or customizing the booklet with your logo and corporate colors, contact us at 917-405-0029 or SusanO@GlobalLearningLink.com.

Secrets of Effective Negotiating Fortify Your Sales Force:
Leading and Training Exceptional Teams

This book is a hands-on resource for any organization that wants to increase profitability and thrive in today�s highly competitive marketplace. Susan Onaitis is a contributing author to this compendium of successful methods for leading and training an effective sales force in this era of limited resources and smaller budgets. �Fortify Your Sales Force� is a must-have book for any professional who wants to build and maintain a strong team that can adapt to challenging times and be successful no matter what the economy.

Fortify Your Sales Force is available on Amazon.com

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