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Global Learning Link helps corporations worldwide to improve sales and customer service by enhancing the skills and performance of their people. We assess factors that impact successful job performance:
    Sales approach
    Company policies and procedures
    Organizational structure
We then create solutions tailored to the client's specific needs. Our successful strategies can include:
    Re-alignment of the sales force to meet market demands
    Targeted training to address performance gaps
    Assessment, coaching, and training of sales and
       customer service managers
    Creation of quantifiable Standards of Performance
    Design of customized training programs and train-the-trainer sessions
    Redesign of compensation and incentive plans to more
       effectively motivate recipients
    Facilitation of training, focus groups, and strategy meetings
    Development of reinforcement tools to support enhanced performance
Our approach results in more efficient sales cycles, therefore more profitable individual sales. We enable our clients to attract and retain talented people, impacting overall sales performance in a positive way.

We believe that improving job performance occurs as a result of a process that is an integral part of a company's overall strategy, not just a single training event done in isolation from other performance-impacting factors. We take an integrated approach, looking at all aspects of job performance and provide solutions custom-made for the client.

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