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Global Learning Link brings more than 25 years of sales, sales management, sales training and adult learning experience to your organization. We have worked with a variety of corporations worldwide in a breadth of industries from publishing to manufacturing to luxury consumer goods. Everything we do is customized to the specific needs and challenges employees face in the real world. We offer highly interactive and dynamic skill-oriented training that helps people achieve success.

Sales force assessment

We conduct comprehensive sales force assessments for direct, retail and wholesale channels of distribution. Our approach includes focus groups, one-on-one interviews, on-the-job observations, questionnaires, and surveys. The purpose of the assessment is not only to determine whether the presenting problem is one that can be solved through training and the required focus, but also to provide clients with information to identify the gaps between performance and expectations.

In the retail industry, we also offer a network of specially trained secret shoppers who use a unique assessment tool designed by Global Learning Link. Through this comprehensive assessment, we provide the client with in-depth information on the sale staff's customer service, selling skills, product knowledge, adherence to company policies, and opportunities for improved performance. We also offer feedback on the store environment and what it feels like to be a customer in the environment.

Following the assessment, clients receive an extensive report including actionable recommendations regarding training, compensation, management issues, company policies, and customer service aimed at building on strengths and solving problems.

We offer a seven-step process, The Luxury Touch, to assist luxury retailers in achieving the level of service their customers expect. Contact us for more information about The Luxury Touch.

Clients in this area include luxury brands like Steuben, Baccarat, Bulgari, Lladro, Piaget, Asprey, David Yurman, and Breitling.

Customized instructional design

Global Learning Link provides customized training programs for a variety of employee groups including sales, customer service, line supervisors, and management. If a client prefers to own the copyright privileges course, Global Learning Link will design and write complete course materials, including leaders' guides, participant materials and PowerPoint slides. We also offer certification through a Train-the-Trainer program.

We partner with our clients to develop a tailored approach to improving the skills and knowledge of the target audience. Additionally, we provide updates to the training as required and ongoing certification of new in-house trainers, whether they are professional trainers or peer trainers, such as line managers and supervisors.

Our courses are designed to be highly interactive, giving participants the opportunity to practice skills in the safety of the classroom environment. All case studies, role plays, and practice exercises relate directly to the real life situations participants face every day so they can easily transfer skills to their jobs once they leave the classroom.

Courses are available in half-day, and one, two, and three-day formats. They can be timed in phases or modules or delivered all at once depending on participants' availability and client preference.

This approach is recommended for clients having a large group of employees to train because a client can then duplicate the program materials as often as necessary and use it for many years to come.

Implementation & delivery

Global Learning Link is also available to deliver on-site customized training. We design the course and provide the participant materials, as well as reinforcement and follow up to measure the impact of training on your employees' performance

Follow up and reinforcement

Not only do we make specific recommendations to clients for reinforcing any training we provide, but we also provide reinforcement tools, such as follow-up case studies, online quizzes and customized reinforcement modules, iPod downloads, DVDs and tapes to help participants continue to learn once they have left the classroom.

In the case of retail clients, we recommend and provide follow up mystery shopping as a way to provide feedback on how well the participants are using the training out on the selling floor.

Sample course titles

Listed below are sample titles of courses that Global Learning Link has designed and delivered for a variety of companies:

    Surprise & Delight Your Customers with Service Excellence
    Account Development Strategies
    Orchestrating a Complex Team Sale
    Secrets of Successful Sales Negotiating
    Developing New Business from Current Clients
    How to Close a Sale Efficiently and Effectively
    Managing Complex Accounts & Priorities
    Listening to Customer's Cues
    Selling Skills for Consultants & Service Professionals
    Motivating Your Staff to Success
    Making Sales Presentations like A Pro
    Writing Powerful Proposals to Get Results
    Introduction to Results-oriented Sales Writing
    Advanced Sales Writing
    Prospecting & Cold Calling: Techniques for Success
    Time & Territory Management
    Selling Is Not A Four Letter Word
    Sales Versatility: Speaking the Same Language as Your Client
    Making the Transition from Sales Rep to Manager
    Basic Sales Management Skills
    Effective Face-to Face Coaching
    Long Distance Coaching to Improve Performance
    Improving Sales Performance Through Standards
    Managing A Remote Sales Force
    Managing Dealer/Distributor Relationships
    Making the Best Use of Technology to Manage Long Distance
    Goal Setting and Sales Performance
    Improving Job Performance through Standards
    Collaborative Communication: Achieving Success Together
    Interviewing Skills: Hire the Best Person for the Job
    Empowering Delegation & Coaching
    Business Writing Basics
    Effective Facilitation Skills
    Negotiating for Success
    Presentation Skills for Managers
    Team Leader Skills
    Mentoring: Enhancing Individual Potential
    Internal Consultation Skills
    Skills for Successful Supervisors
    Conflict Resolution Skills
    Dealing with Difficult People
    Executing Your Plans Successfully
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